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28 Hours of Diz: Hour 5.5 – Polynesian Pleasures


For those of you who have just boarded – Aloha – and welcome aboard…

If you keep up with the Dillos, you know that the Polynesian (Village) Resort is one of our first loves and remains a long time fave.

I’m not sure why I’m into the slow motion running thing in that video. Or why I added such trippy music…

You have heard us gush about the smell of The Great Ceremonial House. We’ve Tweeted about Ohana vs. Papeete Bay Verandah character breakfasts. How the Electrical Water Pageant is best viewed from the Seven Seas Lagoon here at 9pm.

Where is former Tambu Lounge singer John Charles? Was Punch-Out the best arcade game in Moana Mickey’s Fun Hut? Who doesn’t like waking up to a misty morning with the howling of the Haunted Mansion turned way, way up?

At this point, I couldn’t tell you how long it’s been since I have stayed in a room at ‘The Poly’, when I will again, or which room John Lennon signed the paperwork officially ending The Beatles. But, what I can tell you is, every time I come back, it is like coming home. 


The trash cans are even a welcome sight for sore eyes,

NEXT BLOG: Future World, and Approaching Food & Wine

Brother Dillo

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