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28 Hours of Diz: Hours 4 & 5 – KingdomNotes


When you have a limited time to see the places you love, there’s going to be some sacrifices.

There would be no Triple Mountain Whammy (credit: @StaceyJAswad), only a Double Whammy. We went with Thunder & Space over Splash. Thunder had the shortest of the waits and we wanted the full encompassing thrill of Space. It would have to be another time of plunging into the Briar Patch.

Peter Pan’s Flight was having its interactive queue installed, thus adding 15 minutes to the It’s a Small World wait.

I wonder how many people get the ‘Merchant of Venus’ pun?

It was the first time I got see Snow White’s Scary Adventures replaced with the Princess Palace Fairytale Hall. One of my first memories of WDW was being terrified of the witch and now she was gone forever. I never got say goodbye.

There would be no Dole Whip. The ship has sailed on the secret deliciousness standing out in broad daylight in Adventureland. You used to be able to pop in real quick, grab it, go, and be refreshed. The line was outrageous. It was even queued.

Old reliables that you ride to make it seem like you were doing more than you were: a Peoplemover here, a Carousel of Progress there, a Tiki Room for a nap, whatever… had to be left out – the lines would be that much shorter.

The Emporium is still my favorite of all the gift shops in WDW. It’s classic. Brings back memories. But, on this day, I thought the Centorium (I mean, ‘Mouse Gear’. . . . . ) had a little more to offer.

These blogs have mentioned the places I have been missing for several years. The Polynesian Resort was one of them. It may be 8 years since I was inside The Great Ceremonial House. I had to right this ship.

So, we took a ship.


NEXT BLOG: Polynesian Pleasures

Brother Dillo

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