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A Royal Review

A Dillo first-I dined at Cinderella’s Royal Table on my most recent visit to Disney World.

The experience begins by checking in with the hostess. You then proceed inside the castle to take your picture with the one…the only…Cinderella. Although its very cute for adult Disney dorks, it’s nothing compared to the pure joy on every child’s face that

gets to take a picture next to, dance with and talk to Cinderella.

It’s time to eat! The menu is Prix-Fixe and you pay in advance for appetizer, dinner, dessert and of course drinks (non-alcoholic). Reading reviews beforehand, it seemed that the food wouldn’t be the best, so my expectations were not very high. However, I disagree with most of the reviews and thought the food was good! I started with the Castle Salad, moved onto Her Majesty’s Catch of the Day and concluded with the Valhrona Chocolate Mousse. Bonus for celebrating two birthdays-we also got two cupcakes!

Each girl and boy (no matter what age) receives a Princess Wand and a Prince’s sword. All the princesses attend and are announced individually. They make sure to visit each table for pictures, autographs and overall merriment! Belle was nice enough to record a Happy Birthday message to my mom, since it was her birthday as well!

To sum up-adults will enjoy it, but kids will remember it forever!


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