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Certain as the Sun…

Two weeks back, I took in ‘Beauty & The Beast’ in 3D. I remember seeing the film in the Fall of 1991 and, quite frankly, marveling at the film. ‘The Little Mermaid’ took great leaps and bounds into the musical era of Disney Animated Films, but B & B took this raised bar and threw it into the ocean. The songs, the images, the vocal work of the character – all captivating. It was no wonder that the film became the first to be nominated for Best Picture.

When I saw ‘The Lion King’ in 3D last October, my main reason for going was to see and hear the film on the big screen again. Same reason here. And for that reason alone – this viewing was great. What I did notice when comparing the two 3D experiences was this – 1) how far animation had come between 1991 & 1994 (with ‘Aladdin’ really bridging that gap) and 2) Humans in 3D aren’t quite the same as animals and inanimate objects in 3D. Belle is much hotter in 2D and I’m not afraid to put that in print.

Brother Dillo

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