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Heat Wave

Quick blog today…

Summer hit full force here in New York City with temperatures hitting the upper 90’s today. This reminded me of, well, every day from April to October when I lived in Orlando. I still say Autumn, or lack therof, is the primary reason I moved back to NY. It’s funny to think how I made my way to work every day in this heat, driving the 32 miles from the East-West Expressway, to I-4, to Exit 26 A-B (old) on my way to the Disney-MGM Studios, to walk across the park on a break squinting my eyes even though I was wearing sunglasses. My job was hotter than the Florida heat, so I always took an opportunity to walk around the park on breaks going inside gift shops to get a blast of the AC, which maybe besides the Beach & Yacht Club lobbys, is unmatched anywhere in the world. Watching the guests survive throughout the day with the water and fans and combination water bottle fan, it reminded me how we used to make it through our day when we started doing summer vacations in the early 90’s. Let the afternoon swim in the hotel pool be your saving grace as it was ours. Your body temperature cools down and, inevitably, a little after 5pm, you feel that first drop in temperature and everything relaxes.  It actually was a gateway to learning how incredible nights are in the parks.

Now how do I find a pool in Midtown Manhattan…

Brotha Dillo

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