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Heather Delmotte’s Hopefully Not “Gone Till November”

Last week on the Theme Park Thursday Podcast, we chatted with iconic Disney Hollywood Studios entertainer Heather Delmotte (oh, #AlwaysMGM). The links of which you can find here:

Direct Download👉

W’re already looking forward to having Heather back on TPT! On this episode, the college program, Bo Peep and Woody, and watching Illuminations from the top of the Mexico pavilion were all discussion points, as were…

The Hercules Zero to Hero Victory Parade replaced the Toy Story Parade upon the movie’s release. The Mulan parade would follow the next year.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame stage show was a beloved musical over at the Backlot Theater, probably where you can escape from a Star Destroyer now. Disney Parks has a full version up on their YouTube Channel.

We talked about Citizens of Hollywood and, more specifically, the presence of Betty Shambles on Hollywood Boulevard. As with previous episodes, we can not stress enough the enormous value of ‘Streetmo’ to the Studios, and Betty has been a great part of preserving that mantle.

So, ICYMI, check out the latest offering of Theme Park Thursday with Dillo’s Diz!

“Gone Till November” courtesy of Wyclef Jean

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