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Losing Feeling

We often talk about feelings in this blog. How watching fireworks, smelling the Polynesian lobby or eating Dole Whip can make us feel. But what happens when you lose feeling in the heart of the magic? More specifically the Magic Kingdom.

One thing I miss about being young in Disney is sitting in a stroller or being carried. You know we have all felt like we could use that in our adult lives with the amount of walking you could do during a day at the parks. I have very clear memories of being pushed in those awesome old school blue strollers. I remember how they sounded along the road and how I could bundle up during those (cold?) Orlando winters inside.

Isn’t it overwhelming once the fireworks have ended at Magic Kingdom, the park is closing and everyone is headed in the same direction? This is only to wait for a few monorails to fill up before making it to the top of the ramp for your turn to go onboard back to your hotel or the parking lot. Well, when you’re little, this never seems too bad when your dad is carrying you up said ramp and you can essentially pass out and not even remember how you got back to your Disney bed.


Wait this was about losing feeling. So one night as the parade went down Main Street, I watched high up on my dad’s shoulders. A perfect spot with no one in my way. At the end, my dad put me down and I fell right to the ground. I thought there was something wrong, couldn’t feel my legs or feet and sat there screaming for the attention of my family (who already started walking away-great). I had lost feeling!

Of course once it was explained that my feet/legs were just “asleep” and they had started to wake up, it was smooth sailing from that point. Cut me some slack, I was a kid!

Please note: This is the only time I have LOST feeling while in the most magical place on earth.


Sista Dillo

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