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Off With Their Heads: 5 Favorite Animatronics

The week of 1/29/18 saw Ursula on Voyage of The Little Mermaid in WDW and a Pirate in Disneyland Paris lose their animatronic pates in a rare bit of Diz coincidence. This made me pontificate my 5 favorite animatronics. A quick list:

Honorable Mention: Statler & Waldorf in MuppetVision. Recalling how cool it was to be in the same theater that had the heckling duo in the Balcony.

5. Hairy Leg at Pirates of the Caribbean – a classic and trailblazing all at the same time.

4. Manhole Man in EPCOT’s World of Motion. Speaking of heads, the button of the most memorable scene of this pre Test Track Dark Ride.

3. The British Guard on the left just as you enter It’s a Small World… I always make sure to say hello.

2. Cousin Orville in the Carousel of Progress… I actually love all the characters on this ride. Even if I prefer ‘Now is the Best Time’ to ‘Grey Big Beautiful Tomorrow’.

1. The Wicked Witch of the West on The Great Movie Ride… hit her mark every time.

Who are some of your favorites? Comment or Tweet @DillosDiz!

Brother Dillo

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