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Oh Super Soap Weekend, How I Miss Thee

The only real internship I had in college was for Soap Opera Weekly. I transcribed interviews for editors, assisted with filing

photos and reconfirmed that I wanted to write some day. Now if that meant writing about Soaps-even better!

Cut to years later, I learn about Super Soap Weekend in MGM where I could spend a weekend in Disney AND potentially meet Soap Opera stars-um ok!

The first time I went, I was living in Florida. I worked with someone that loved Kelly Monaco and I dragged him with me in order to not go alone. Somehow others were not as excited about this weekend like I was…weird. We managed to get a picture with Kelly, along with a few others. I was so happy to see so many actors and actresses, very up my alley!

The next year I was about a week away from moving back to NY. My mom flew down to drive back up to NY and of course, attend Super Soap Weekend! I was so excited to make this a tradition, especially with my mom, months after she had finished chemo. We went around the parks, learned what gate everyone went into/came out of and decided who was prettier in person vs who may have had some work done.

We went again the year after, which sadly was the last weekend for Super Soap. Once again we tried to see as many people as we could, sat in on some of the shows/interview sessions and took pictures.

On this eve of Mother’s Day, I have many memories of me and my mom in Disney, but this one stands out. Maybe it was because I had grown up watching Soaps with her. Maybe it was the timing of us starting the short lived tradition.

Maybe it was because it was time in Disney, just me and her…

Sista Dillo

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