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Polynesian Happenstance

The blog has returned!

Brother Dillo here to do a week’s worth of short blogs about his weekend trip to The Diz!

For my daughter’s first birthday, we spent two nights at the Polynesian Village. It was my first stay since I was a kid. The breakdown of WDW stays looks like this:

Early Childhood: Polynesian and additional MK resort stays.

Adolescence: Beach Club & other EPCOT resorts.

Adult: All Stars & whatever I could afford.

We’ll do a full breakdown of what makes the Polynesian so special later this week. But this place is special. It was the first resort I stayed in on my very first visit in 1981. Now, 36 years later, my daughter’s first visit was here.

On Friday afternoon, when I checked in and learned that my room was 1942. I knew this was close to the number of the room I first stayed in. I called home to get confirmation.

When I arrived to the Tokelau longhouse, I knew that the possibility that this was the same longhouse was possible. But, alas, my room’s patio was (tongue in check) sadly facing the pool.

A couple of hours later I revived word from home that the original room was 1936. I was convinced that this was the same longhouse, but have the numbers changed over the years? Tokelau was previously Oahu.

When I left the room for the first time I noticed the room number across the hall.

I walked out of the building and went to the opposite side of Tokelau to look at the view from the patio of 1936.

It was the same.

The view from the patio of 1936 was the (year)1985 expansion of Moorea and Pago Pago.

36 years ago, as evidenced by this video, there was only palm trees, crab grass hills, and the monorail and ferry heading towards the Transportation & Ticket Center.

This was the building. My daughter’s first visit would be based in the room directly across the hall from mine.


Disney Magic?

Either way, this was the start of a special weekend.

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