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The Forever 44 Fedora Club: Meeting the 1st

Back in December of 2019, while not staying on topic during a podcast episode of Theme Park Thursday, Frank and Jen created The Forever 44 Fedora Club.

Was it a response to Club 33?

Was it a ‘Forever?’ MuppetVision 3D reference? (Get the tee shirt at our TeePublic store, #cheapplug)

Was it because Frank always wears a fedora because he thinks he looks best wearing one and also because of his deep affection for Streetmosphere at #AlwaysMGM?

Was it because, at this time last year, Frank was determined to be forever the age of 44, refusing to acknowledge at 45 or beyond for all time but that all changed when Papa Dillo bought him a plane ticket to the Galaxy’s Edge opening for his birthday?

The answer is kinda sorta yes to all of these.

On Thursday May 14th, 2020, the 1st ever meeting of The Forever 44 Fedora Club took place at 9:30 in the evening on YouTube. Moderated by Jen (heretofore at these meetings known as ‘Judge Jen’), Several were in attendance via the stream or commenting along the way.

Side note: Appearing on the stream is by member request. Should 6 or more members request to be on the stream, we will determine how all can appear as Streamyard only allows for 6. Stay Tooned.

How do you get to be a member? You might be already! Have you asked us?!

‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ was discussed and Frank found himself reflecting on how pivotal the film was in maintaining his Disney fandom (as well as his appreciation for animation and Hollywood circa 1947).

We also announced the meal of the month, Cousin Meghan’s MeatLoaf ala the 50’s Prime Time Cafe, as constructed by the Disney Dishes Blog. The cocktail of the month (as there will always be one per the directive of Crown Prince Landon Doane) was debated between these three:

The Scotty Tenple via Jellyrolls Facebook Page.

Check out the Live-stream HERE and join us via the FB GROUP!

Next Meeting will be held on June 18th where we will he discussing ‘Dick Tracy’

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