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The Waterfall


“The resort is organized around a central building named the Great Ceremonial House, itself designed after a Tahitian royal assembly lodge. The Great Ceremonial House houses guest services and most of the resort’s dining and merchandise locations. From its opening until 2014, the Great Ceremonial House also featured an expansive tropical waterfall feature in its atrium, with over 75 species of plant life. The waterfall and foliage were removed and replaced, however, during extensive resort renovations due to health and safety concerns and to reimagine the lobby as a social space.” -Courtesy of Wikipedia

The removal of the waterfall and foliage is a tough change for the Dillos, especially after seeing it in person. This grand feature was the welcome you received when walking into the Polynesian. It created a rainforest smell in the lobby. It offered a soothing soundtrack to start your vacation. Along with the air conditioning you felt as the doors to the lobby opened, this feature was the thing that hit you and made you take a deep breath as you felt like you were home. And now, it’s gone.

The Dillos took many pictures in front of the waterfall over our many stays at the Polynesian. Something our kids will never get to do. A piece of nostalgia is missing from the Diz…you know how the Dillos heart nostalgia.

Yes, I understand it opens up the lobby, creates more seating and a more open environment. I get it. It doesn’t mean I have to like it.


One of our many pictures in front of The Waterfall

Sista Dillo

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