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Tomorrow’s Blog: MMC & The Party’s 30th!

Update 8/31/2020: on the 30th Anniversary of the release of The Party’s debut album, a new line of merchandise was announced. Check out The Party Collection!

If you listened to the August 27, 2020 episode of the Theme Park Thursday podcast, co-owner of Always In The Club LLC, Lisa Cannata, joined us to talk memories of The All New Mickey Mouse Club, executive producing the wildly successful #MMC30 event, and the future!

With the 30th Anniversary of the release of The Party’s debut album on August 31, 1990, Frank is about to reveal, for the very first time, his Top 5 music videos for the group. But first, some points of reference from our chat with Lisa!

Frank mentioned first becoming aware of The All New Mickey Mouse Club during the summer of 1989 via a music video shot at Typhoon Lagoon for a 4th of July special. We must have this video somewhere in the Dillos archives, but this one will do, complete with Willard Scott’s intro alongside Tiffini and Brandy!

Speaking of Tiffini, here is the music video that started Frank’s crush – Put a Little Love in Your Heart#AndTheWorrrrrld.

Via the Attractions Magazine YouTube page, here’s the Main Street Motorcade from the big #MMC30 event in May of 2019!

In My Dreams was the highest charting single on the Billboard Top 100 Singles. Lisa mentioned having recorded The Party’s performance on Club MTV. Here it is – #wubbawubba

With that being mentioned, without further adieu, here’s Frank’s Top 5 favorite music videos from The Party (subject to change on a whim)….

5. In My Dreams – the blend of rock with the highest of energies from DeeDee, Albert, Chasen, Damon, and Tiffini was the ‘rising action’ of The Party’s story arc.

4. Free – the title track off the third album, and this music video, is the climax of what I like to call The Party’s Classic three act structure, leaving our protagonists of this story with a new sense of who they really are.

3. Summer Vacation – when this music video debuted, with Damon’s face on camera getting us ready with the ‘Here we go…’ – this is the reason why Brandon Walsh and Zack Morris both worked at beach clubs and don’t even argue with me about it.

2. Peace, Love & Understanding – one of the two songs (w/ ‘In My Dreams’) that get the most modern day replay time from me. This video, though, defines the ‘in between time’ of The Party’s second album. The look was leading us to the ‘Free’ album and we didn’t even know it yet.

1. I Found Love – the song and the music video that I felt bridged the gap between MMC and the birth a new era. ‘In the Meantime, In Between Time’ may be in my car’s CD player right now (that’s right! my car still has a CD player!), but this ‘I Found Love’ was a junior year of high school motivator for sure.

Our thanks to Lisa for an awesome episode! We’re looking forward to chatting again soon!

ICYMI, Chasen Hampton joined us in June 2020 for an episode of Theme Park Thursday. You can listen to the podcast HERE!

You can also check out our dedicated #MMC30, YouTube only episodes, HERE!

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