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TOMORROW’S BLOG: Regis ‘Out of Control’!

On this week’s edition of the Theme Park Thursday podcast, Jen and Frank paid tribute to Disney Legend (2011) Regis Philbin, who was laid to rest this week at his beloved Alma Mater – Notre Dame. We made mention of several moments in Regis’ illustrious career, which we now share with you here:

1) CHRISTMAS! We shouted out Sam’s Disney Diary on YouTube, who put together this awesome compilation of Regis’ work on the Very Merry Christmas Parade during the 1980’s.

2) SYNDICATION! The first episode of LIVE! with Regis & Kathie Lee that was nationally syndicated. Their first fifteen minutes of host chat changed the game on daytime television.

3) LETTERMAN! Regis was a perfect foil for Dave. On Twitter, the late night host mentioned how he could take ‘a punch’. We mentioned this appearance, which took place post retirement from the morning show with Kelly Ripa.

4) MILLIONAIRE! The game show world changed in 1999 with ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’. John Carpenter’s win that November was memorable, but we referenced this win on TPT:

And also, Norm Macdonald’s million dollar question on the celebrity edition:

Finally, and separate from the Letterman category, is the first episode of ‘The Late Show’ after 9/11 – with Regis as the guest, undoubtedly for comfort.

Thanks for checking these out. Don’t forget you can Subscribe to Dillo’s Diz on YouTube!

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