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Toy Story Double Feature

Over the next fortnight, Pixar is offering up 3D re-releases of ‘Toy Story’ & ‘Toy Story 2’. This is especially nostalgic for me as these two films bookend the time that I worked at the Disney-MGM Studios (which will always be difficult to call by any other name)…

When the first film was released, nobody knew what to expect. The Studios had premiered a ‘Toy Story Parade’, but were unprepared for the raging popularity the cowboy Woody & Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger. By Christmas Day 1995, those two characters were swarmed by guests adjacent to MuppetVision 3-D and, by February, weekends at the Studios were dedicated to the film. The line at Toy Story Mania is a clear indication of it ongoing popularity (and I was thrilled to learn that there’s a Wii version of this game…how old am I?).

I’m touching on a lot of different subjects here that I’m sure will be future blogs. But now, back to the films…

I don’t know how I feel about the whole 3D concept. I get a little annoyed at IMAX films when there are only select scenes shot in this format. It’s not enough for me (or my wallet). I saw ‘Up’ & ‘Ice Age 3’ this summer and, while I don’t need objects flying at me like I’m at Captain EO, the effect is also not enough for me.

With re-released films, first this double feature and later this month ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas, the concept works because it provides viewers to experience and re-experience these greats on the big screen…even if they have a 53 inch flat screen at home. That was the joy of watching the Double Feature on screen today. It takes you back and you can just enjoy it.

Pixar, as always, and like no other, rounded out the experience with a fun 10 minute intermission full of trivia, shorts, and new voice overs. The ‘Toy Story 3’ preview was fantastic and prepares you for (perhaps) another tear jerking segment. Overall, a must-see over the next two weeks.

Brother Dillo

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