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We Got A First Timer Here!

Two of my fabulous co-workers are going to Disney in a few weeks, and for one-it’s her first time! Even with the amount of time I’ve been there and even though it’s only been two months since I was there, I’m still jealous!

It’s been so much fun talking about the do’s and not do’s (not trying to quote Stacy). I’m getting the Disney itch! While in these conversations I’ve reflected on:

  1. Horizons

  2. Stargate

  3. The old, old Imagination

  4. Wishes going away for the summer…I wasn’t too happy, but at least it’s just for the summer!

  5. The Electrical Parade coming back….since I don’t like change, I don’t mind when we go back to old school Disney stuff!

  6. Why I don’t like the Magical Express

Why don’t I like the Magical Express? Well for one, I’m spoiled. I like the freedom of having a rental car. You don’t need one on Disney property, but I prefer it over waiting when a park closes for buses to load up with tired children who just want to go to bed. I don’t blame them! I do too, which is why I provide my own way out. Plus, growing up, my parents always rented a car or we took the monorail-a true Disney experience. But I digress, back to the Magical Experience. I think it’s a great thing for families and for those that will utilize the Disney transportation while on property. It saves parents from having to pack up cars with luggage and kids and fighting as to which exit to take. Spoiled me doesn’t like it because it takes longer to get to Disney. When I land in Orlando , I don’t want to waste any time until I’m on property! Since living there, I also know the roads better so feel more comfortable getting around.

Two tiny wings, eyes big and yellow, horns of a steer, but a lovable fellow. From head to tail, he’s royal purple pigment, and there, viola! You’ve got a figment!

Figment is such a childhood memory for me! Maybe it was the cute lil purple fellow, maybe the idea of imagination, maybe all the colors, maybe the fun jumping water fountains outside, who knows! Either way it holds a special place in my heart (as it also does for one of my co-workers). I do like that when Disney changed it, they quickly realized people were not happy and made adjustments. But, it’s not the same! Once again, I don’t like change when it comes to Disney! I still love Figment, but I just wish he still had his old home!

To sum up: I wish my co-workers a great trip! Personally, I prefer a rental car over the Magical Express. I miss Figment. And I don’t like when Disney changes memories of my childhood!

Until next time Disney lovers!

Sista Dillo

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