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Where ‘The Kiss Goodnight’ meets ‘The Punch in the Gut’.

Over true last few years, The Kiss Goodnight has become closely associated with Disney - most recently about DCL’s Wish.

A Disney finishing touch? We’re in! Always!


There’s also the Magic Kingdom punch in the gut. Picture it - your final night at Walt Disney World. The trip was magical. The day was magical. The fireworks were magical.

You wait on the ramp for the monorail.

You wait a little more.

You just miss the next one.

And, as you board; you remember you still have to pack, cram all the souvenirs into a carry on, contemplate running over to Disney Springs to get that one last thing before driving down Hotel Plaza Boulevard, turning right on to 535 before getting on to I-4.

The monorail departs the Magic Kingdom station.

And then it hits you…

The Punch in the Gut.

That last look of the Magic Kingdom glowing in the night sky, already harkening you back… that’s when the Magic starts calling.

If you’re wondering when that exact moment hits us. Check out 1:40 of this video!

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