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While the Cat’s Away…..

As  I mentioned last week, Brother Dillo is away in Europe on a cruise.


And now, Mama and Papa Dillo are off to spend a few days in Disney World….to stay at the Boardwalk! <sigh>

Clearly Brother Dillo and I take after them and enjoy going to DIsney even as adults (without any children). But I still can’t help wish I was there, especially now. I haven’t been inside a park since January! That seems like forever ago! I did get my non-park fix a few months back, but am still itchin’ for the real deal. Less than 3 months and the itch will be scratched at Food and Wine….

Speaking of wine, I’m sure this blog was a bit whiney and I apologize. And by no means am I trying to play “poor me” because I know it has been way longer since some of you have visited the Happiest Place on Earth. But don’t you miss it too?

Sista DIllo

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