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Dillo's Diz is a celebration of love for all things Disney, theme parks, movies, TV, and more, wrapped up in the warm embrace of storytelling and heartfelt conversations.

For four decades, Jen and Frank have immersed themselves in the Walt Disney World Experience. This site is for the nostalgia, tradition, the magic, the memories and their continued love of Disney, with some pop culture thrown in from time to time. 

Nostalgia is a central and cherished theme that runs through the Dillo's Diz Podcast. Through their discussions, interviews, and personal connections, Jen and Frank aim to create an atmosphere that allows listeners to revisit their own cherished memories, celebrate their love for all things Disney and find joy in the shared experience.

Thank you to those that have listened to the podcast and supported us via social media. We love being a part of the Disney and Pop Culture community.


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