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28 Hours of The Diz: Hour 10 – Test Track

I worked at The Diz during a trying time for EPCOT… Everyone was mad that Horizons closed and that Test Track couldn’t figure whatever technological issues there was that was keeping the attraction from opening. I’m pretty sure cast members were angrier than guests, but then Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride was closed in 1998 and the anger was successfully deflected…

Test Track is all about the climax, the 65 mph loop that whips you around the track constructed around what was once the World of Motion pavilion. If you are interested in a little behind the scenes action, then you might pay more attention to the backstage areas of EPCOT rather than actually enjoying the ride.

I don’t recommend that.

The updated refurbishment was open in December of 2012, so this was my first time on it. I’m not a car guy. I’m not a interactive gamer/computer guy. That being said, the updates did nothing for me. Change is good, I know. Updates are needed, I know (I’m looking at you, ‘Imagination’). I’m just not sure stripping the interior of its ‘facility’ look in exchange for what felt like old school Future World effects (and you know I like me some old school Future World) did not do the trick, at all.  This from someone who is quite pleased with the Three Caballeros on El Rio de Tempo and Nemo in The Living Seas.

All of this is irrelevant for I’m only on the ride for the high speed loop. I doubled my pleasure for this ride because night had fallen. NIghtfall in EPCOT is one of the best sights you’ll see. Couple that with the blast of warm Florida air that hit my face as we went for inside to outside… Pleasure quadrupled. Glorious.

Brother Dillo

NEXT BLOG: The last six hours.

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