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6 Years Later – A Review of Season One of Star Wars: Rebels

In August of 2020, we spoke with author Amy Ratcliffe about all things ‘Star Wars’ (, as well as in November of 2020 ( the Theme Park Thursday podcast. In that episode, Frank admitted to having very limited knowledge of both ‘The Clone Wars’ series and, especially, ‘Rebels’. A goal was set to watch the latter prior to the Second Season of ‘The Mandalorian’. So, here we are with Season One of ‘Rebels’ complete and Frank’s stream of conscious blogging in full effect.

If you follow Dillo’s Diz at all, then you know I first saw Star Wars (what would become Episode IV) when I was two and a half. The Star Destroyer coming across the top of the movie screen is now my first memory. Decades later, I have a four year old and I’m still trying to figure out how to ease her into this vast galaxy.

She had seen bits and pieces of IV and VII prior to this summer. A 12” figure of Rey has sat on a dresser since she was two months old and stormtrooper (complete with mask) and Vader pajamas are in heavy rotation. But, we would like to avoid nightmares – Vader still pursues me in dreams, after all (though not with the same frequency as when I was younger).

This summer, I changed my original course and watched Episode I because I thought that was the more “child friendly” option. I wasn’t happy with myself as a Star Wars fan but this approach worked well. The four year old loves the look of Queen Amidala and she’s a HUGE fan of Boss Nass (!). Then… I panicked. If we went in Episode order, then the ‘I am your father’ moment would not deliver the required impact. So, I shifted again and watched all of Episode IV with her. Then… I panicked AGAIN and thought ‘Empire’ was going to be too much (too dark) for her, even though she LOVES Yoda.

I’m doing well with these choices, ain’t I?

After talking with Amy in August, I decided to start Rebels with the four year old the first hour of the morning – a Star Wars we both can watch together with fresh eyes. I’m not sure why I didn’t give the show a look in its original run. Was it because it was the first Disney offering so I didn’t take it seriously? Did I feel burned as a child by the Droids and Ewoks series? Would my lack of appeal for the animated style of The Clone Wars carry over here?

Did I just not have time?

Were my Disney channels on my cable system not easily accessible?

Regardless, by the time the second season started, the 4 year old was close to being born and all bets were off. Friends tried to point me back towards the series, but my headspace didn’t allow for it (The Force Awakens of course was a different matter entirely). I recall watching one episode specifically during the series, because I read an article about Obi Wan being featured. I have no idea where this episode is in the series and I look forward to seeing it again. At that time, I watched the episode completely out of context thinking I would never watch the series.

Well, here we are.

And. I. Am. Sucked. In.

As is the four year old. Sabine and Hera have been her gateway, more so Sabine because of the her hair color choices (bookmarked for the teenage years, I’m certain). She connected to Ezra on an Aladdin level. She understands The Force WAY more in Season One than she has from either Episode I or IV. And she has A LOT of questions – as in daily – about Ezra and Kanan’s ghostly encounter with Luminara Undali.

For me, Season One has been a retroactive appreciation based on what I have liked about other Star Wars entities in the Disney era: the aesthetics of Rogue One, the structure of The Mandolorian, Batuu. I’m enjoying how the tropes we are all familiar with are being introduced through the storytelling. I like how the characters we know and love are being woven into the fabric. I love that the four year old can go to Amy’s awesome ‘Women of the Galaxy’ book to look at – ahem – Fulcrum’s artwork.

But… now… about Fulcrum… as we move into Season Two, the panic is setting in again.

There’s that thing about the ‘I am your father’ reveal.

Would you like to see follow up blogs about our journey through the remaining seasons of ‘Rebels’? Tweet @DillosDiz and let us know.

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