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BLUESKY: Grand Ave Area with Re-Theme to ‘The Muppets Christmas Carol’

On the 2/2/23 edition of Theme Park Thursday LIVE at, a discussion about Disney rumors and speculation led to a 'Dillo's Blue Sky' and a certain area in Disney's Hollywood Studios (aka #AlwaysMGM).

In effort to improve our (lack of) blogging, we present to you the 1st in our BLUESKY series.

No facts, no rumors, only creative daydreaming.

If you enjoy the read, let us know if you would like to see more in the comments!

No "Humbug" here - it's time to light the lights!

This Dillo's BLUESKY focuses on a holiday re-theme to the Grand Ave area of Disney's Hollywood Studios, extending from Baseline Tap House to Mama Melrose's.

Following the overwhelming success of the 30th Anniversary panel discussion at D23, and the inclusion of 'When Love is Gone' to the Disney+ cut, the beloved film 'The Muppets Christmas Carol' with be highlighted with a Dickensian takeover in and around MuppetVision 3D!

While the stringing up of lights and musical sounds of the season may invoke nostalgic memories of The Osborne Spectacle for some, the Muppety offerings with this potential layover will immerse you in both the sensational and the inspirational!

Each night, guests will gather around the PizzeRizzo marquee for a tree lighting and a rousing rendition of 'One More Sleep 'Til Christmas (dependent on how many days it is until December 25th... you might be singing '17 More Sleeps 'Til Christmas).

Mama Melrose's will present 'Lew Zealand's Feast of Fishes' with sleek presentations of seafood delights!

The shuttered It's A Wondeful Shop will re-open offering shoppers opportunity to purchase holiday decor.

The Stage 1 Company Store will be transformed into the Swedish Chef's Smorgasbord featuring sweet treats and a hot cocoa bar.

Baseline Tap House will offer seasonal ales and ciders, as well as 'The Electric Mayhem' - an updated charcuterie offering. Dr. Teeth's 'Merry Christmas Baby' will be a featured part of this music loop!

As you arrive to the area, you will be greeted by The Citizens of London. Gossip with a fishmonger, provide a constable with a 'naughty or nice' report, or you may find yourself running into Scrooge himself!

Periodically throughout the evening, Marley & Marley will haunt the avenue and heckle - we mean observe - wandering guests.

You never know which of your favorite Muppets may make an appearance in the many windows throughout the area which makes every visit to Grand Ave a special one throughout the months of November and December!

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