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A Contemporary Revamp

The California Grill at the Contemporary Resort reopens on September 9th, with guests able to make reservations as of this week. 


Sitting on top of the Contemporary Resort is a restaurant with views of Walt Disney World. From here, you can dine at your table or stand outside with your drink as you watch nighttime fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. Back in the 90’s, an appropriate named restaurant: Top of the World held this spot before it changing over to the California Grill. It was a little piece of NY with their Broadway-style shows, while enjoying the views of Disney.

California Grill has definitely come one of my favorite go-to restaurants. The service is awesome, which I’ve talked about in a Disney Service blog post and the food is great. I love that for times when I cannot make it into the parks, I still get my Wishes fix…maybe even with Fairy Tale champagne and a delicious dessert!

If you haven’t been before, make your reservations now! I can’t wait to see the revamp!

Sista Dillo

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