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A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes…

I’m not very religious, never have been. Although I did grow up attending classes for a certain religion and going through specific milestones, I still never had that strong connection of a 100% belief in that faith.

There is often a joke between myself and our recent guest bloggers ‘M’ and ‘D’ that Mickey is our God and often end thoughts about Disney with “amen.” Obviously we don’t actually believe this, but there is definitely something to it.

Here is something I never revealed: I made alot of wishes in Disney. It was almost a form of prayer for me. My grammar school started in Pre-K and went through 6th grade. In 6th grade, there was an end of year dance and when I was little I thought this was the biggest deal. I used to make wishes by throwing a coin in the fountain in front of Spaceship Earth that I would have a date to this dance….6th grade! I was making these wishes in 2nd grade! As the years went on and as I continued to grow up, I remember sitting on the balcony our Beach Club or Boardwalk hotel rooms and making silent wishes. Maybe about finding love, or where I would move to someday, where I would settle down, etc. By the way…I absolutely blame Disney and their movies for making me a secret (or not so secret) hopeless romantic.

Now an adult and jaded by some life experiences, I have found love. But I think having love makes you want even more in life. I always think I should be doing more for a career, something more creative, more fun, doing more good in the world. There are still personal and professional goals to accomplish. These goals seem harder to attain-maybe because of the jadedness I mentioned earlier. But maybe what I really need to do is go back to that fountain or sit on a balcony of a Disney hotel for some silent thinking and wishing.

In case you’re wondering – I did end up with a “date” to that 6th grade dance.

Sista Dillo

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