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A Modern Trip to Disneyland

Last week on Modern Family, the gang went to Disneyland. Now I know there is some controversy about that episode which I may or may not touch on. For now, let’s talk about all the things I loved.

First and foremost-the fact that they actually went to Disneyland. Family sitcoms are rare nowadays thanks to reality TV. Back in the day everyone was visiting Disney; Blossom, Family Matters and my favorite: Full House. It served as a taste of Disney in between my trips.

Modern Family is not as cookie cutter as those shows were. They’re not solving problems with dramatic music in a half hour and the family itself is…well, modern. That’s the beauty of the show!

Spoiler Alert-if you watch the show and have not seen it on your DVR yet, you may want to read after watching!

Here are some of my favorite moments:

Kids with Leashes Did I say leash? I’m sorry-child safety harness backpack. Mitchell and Cam decided to have their daughter Lily wear a “backpack.” Of course they battle with the judgements of family and others, all while playing up the similarities to an actual leash. Personally-and this is just my opinion- I am anti-backpack. To each their own, but I do feel it is pretty leash-like. Something to support this? When I was working in Epcot, I would see a ton of backpacks. One day a family with a daughter and a younger son (who was wearing the backpack) walked by. As they did, the daughter asked her mom “can I walk him now?”

ToonTown pronounced Toonton Mitchell is on the phone with Cam letting him know they caught up to their daughter, who enjoys running when she sees a distraction. He says “we’re in ToonTown… it’s not Toonton, you’ve been watching too much Downton Abby.”

Eating Before Getting to the Parks Disney is known for their higher prices. Luckily they now have more affordable options to make it a little easier for families to visit Disney. However, I found it funny that the Dunphy family was having a big breakfast before heading out to avoid getting as hungry during the day to save money. It reminds me of my grandmother making me peanut butter and jelly at Fort Wilderness and carrying around the sandwich the whole day in case I got hungry. Doesn’t help that I was a pretty picky eater…but moving on.

Socks and Sandals This would be another-to each their own. I am personally not a fan of socks and sandals. I know some that do it, love it, awesome. But there are others, like myself, that I used to work with that would point out the guests in “S&S.” As Mitchell and Cam are struggling with the judgements over Lily’s backpack-they point out that they have now been judged by socks and sandals guy.

Turkey Legs The moment of Luke eating a Turkey Leg was enough to make me laugh out loud.

Gloria’s Heels Before heading out, Gloria is wearing her normal high heels. Her and Jay have a discussion as to why she is going to wear those around Disney with all the walking they’ll be doing. This is something I often ask myself when I see women in high heels walking around Disney. I can wear the most comfortable sneakers and my feet will still hurt after a day at Disney. Dress comfortably! Of course, in the end, Jay buys Gloria a comfortable pair of Minnie slippers making her realize how her heels were a bad idea.

Although these are just a few moments, I feel the writers touched on many things people find funny when visiting Disney. At the same time, they were able to capture the family bond with sweeter moments like Phil trying to keep up with Luke.

Well done Modern Family, well done.


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