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A Social Experiment

My commute is not enjoyable. I complain about it often…probably too often. For some reason last night, a light bulb went off and I thought about something I could do to make it a little better.

What if I put Theme Park music on my phone and play it as I drive to and from work, will my mood be better? I would assume it would be. I would sometimes listen to Reedy Creek Radio when I would commute by train, this was always nice.

If I’m hearing the entrance music to Epcot or the soundtrack to Wishes, how could I possibly be as angry when someone cuts me off? Or when people just stare into my car? Or even when I am at a standstill going absolutely no where? All of this should be taken care of with a few simple tunes.

After coming up with a “best of” playlist for my phone, I think I will attempt this experiment next week and let you all know how my stress reacts.

Sista Dillo

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