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A WONDERful Time on the Wonder

I think I’m in trouble. I have been on a handful of cruises, give or take, with various cruise lines. One trip on

Disney’s Wonder and I’m hooked…a shocker, right?

Hmm, where to begin. This 4 night cruise, out of Miami made stops at Key West, FL then to Nassau, Bahamas and finally to Disney’s Private Island: Castaway Cay. A perfect getaway-but let’s get back to the ship…

As soon as you step into the cruise terminal, you know your vacation will be good. You are greeted and checked in by the customer service you’re used to from Disney. As you walk onboard, your family is welcomed over the PA and the exploring begins.

Instead of boring you with every single detail, I’ll do an overview of what I loved and what I didn’t love as much:

The Room

  1. I stayed in an oceanview room. This room was bigger than any other oceanview I’ve stayed in on another cruise line. There is a sitting area, huge window and the bathroom is split into two. One with a shower and sink and another with a toilet and sink. A nice change from normally feeling cramped in a shower on a ship.




  1. The cruise departed on January 10, but was still decorated for Christmas!


The Quiet Cove (Adult Pool)

  1. Quiet, relaxing and comfy chairs!


The Restaurants

  1. Animator’s Palate and Palo were my favorites! Animator’s Palate starts off black and white and incorporates color as the dinner goes on. Palo is an extra fee but totally worth it! Especially the Chocolate soufflé dessert. Service was amazing every night no matter where you were!



Fireworks from the Ship

  1. Where else can you have a fireworks show in the middle of the ocean?


Castaway Cay

  1. I want to live here! The bike rental let us explore the island and the beach was a perfect way to spend a Monday morning. Sunday Night Blues would not exist if that was my Monday every week!




When you weren’t out and about enjoying the sun, the water or eating, you could enjoy a movie in the theater on the ship (we watched Wreck it Ralph). In the room, the television had the best channels! I know I talked about this before, but normally on a cruise, the TV does not have much to offer. And why should it? You’re on vacation, not in your living room. But you know how I enjoy my Disney naps and as you fall asleep you can tune into the classic Disney movie channel, the classic cartoon channel or the Pixar movie channel. So awesome!

Now, I did mention I would discuss things I didn’t love as much on this cruise. For those that like to gamble, there is no casino onboard Disney Cruises. I personally did not miss it, neither did my wallet.

I think it’s great that so many characters are accessible for autographs and pictures, buuuut it would be rough to walk through main areas as characters would appear and massive lines would form.

The thing I hated the most about this cruise, is when it ended….


…until we meet again Disney Cruise Line!

Sista Dillo

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