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Battle of The Clubs

On Thursday August 13, Dillo’s Diz hosted the 3rd Meeting of the Forever 44 Fedora Club via their YouTube page! The focus was the 1991 film The Rocketeer. During the conversation, Frank posed this question to the panelists… Which Club do you wish you could go to?

1) The Ink & Paint Club from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

2) Club Ritz from 1990’s Dick Tracy?


3) The South Seas Club from The Rock-a-who?

The Ink and Paint Club has Dueling Piano Ducks, iconic wait service with a speakeasy vibe and the incomparable Jessica Rabbit.

Club Ritz has Madonna singing the not as known songs of Stephen Sondheim, the occasional raid, and if you close down the place, duets with Mandy Patinkin.

The South Seas Club has a full swing ensemble, celebrity sightings and, on special nights, a man with a rocket strapped to his back flies high in the air.

What’s your pick and why? We’d love to know! Don’t forget you can join The Forever 44 Fedora Club Facebook group to join in on the shenanigans!

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