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D23 Announcement Quick Hits

Last month, Disney fans went on a wild ride at the D23 Expo. Saturday night in particular brought the big guns, hitting all in attendance and across social media like a prizefighter.

We have spent the time since those announcements mourning the loss of one Attraction. More on that in a bit. Here within are some quick hits on the changes that are coming.

The name of Star Wars Land is Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge… my first thought was “will we just call it Galaxy’s Edge someday? Then it’s fine.” But you can’t call it The Galaxy’s Edge of Star Wars when there’s The Wizarding World of…

The Star Wars immersive hotel… take all my money. Take a good percentage of my annual salary for my two night experience in the universe.

Tron cycle for Tomorrowland… we rejoice in the saving of the Speedway and the addition of another thrill ride in the Magic Kingdom. Now, can we partner Buzz’ spin and the Monsters Inc Laugh Actors with The Incredibles baby Jack Jack escape in place of Stitch? No?

Ratatouille in France pavilion… having visited Disneyland Paris in 2014, this was all the talk of the Studios there. We didn’t get to go on but am excited for it here. I am pro-Disney influence in each World Showcase pavilion.

Toy Story Land in Summer 2018. Having been an #AlwaysMGM cast member when TS premiered in 1995 and the pandemonium for those characters that followed in that park – any addition in this fashion holds a special place in my heart.

Future World overhaul… what does the cryptic artwork mean. Are the Communicore/Innoventions buildings going away forever? (FOREVER?)

Guardians of the Galaxy bump Ellen and the Universe of Energy… and Peter Quill visited EPCOT Center!!! My Twitter feed suggested more of an uproar of this over the other Attraction August 13, 2017. I am, however, always willing to give ‘change’ a chance if it pays homage to history and tradition. And – let’s face it – we all needed a new place to nap which leads us to –

The new movie in the China pavilion.

The themed restaurant adjacent to Mission Space. This is a win. Consider the other restauarants not named Coral Reef in Future World.

Gondolas (skyway) connecting EPCOT to Caribbean Beach Resort, et al… I’m not sure about the optics about this – prove me wrong.

The Great Movie Ride to replaced by Mickey’s Runaway Railway, oh and it closes August 13, 2017… um, WHAT?!!?? We knew GMR going away was inevitable. The morning of these announcements, Sista Dillo and I were plotting our fast passes for the great big spectacular-spectacular Dillo’s September 2017 vacation (STAY TUNED!!!) and, presuming a 2018 closure, contemplated a fast pass to ensure us a place on the ride one last time. We will have A LOT more regarding this decision on Thursday August 10, 2017!

Brother Dillo

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