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Disney Swag

A ceramic figure and a stuffed animal. These two things were my souvenirs every year during my young Dillo days.


I walk around the gift shops throughout Disney now and think “how am I not going to spoil my future children?” It has been to the point of me thinking – ‘should I just get this now and hold it?’ – then I realize how crazy that would be and don’t. Is it crazy? Well anyways…

I’m not sure why a ceramic figure and a stuffed animal were the go-to’s, but it was always known. Brother Dillo may know the reasoning behind this better than me. As a little girl, I loved stuffed animals and dolls so that seems like a given. I’m not sure when I stopped “collecting” both, but I do still have the ceramic figures on display in my house (a few pictured right). I guess we could also question whether or not this is crazy.

Disney merchandise has definitely gotton better throughout the years. My Christmas tree is top to bottom Disney ornaments. I could easily Disnefy my house…but I won’t. I’m really not sure how I won’t buy everything my kids want, but clearly I need to start savin’ up some dough before they even exist.

Sista Dillo

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