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Hold the Ears!

Many an attraction across The Diz have been (or, are in) update mode the last couple of years: Fantasyland, Star Tours, El Rio de Tempo… But, I was thinking today about what attractions have held up over time – that is, they haven’t had a change in years nor are they in need of one. Here within, that list (of 5)… and since brevity is the soul of wit, I’ll make this brief:

1) Muppetvision 4-D: It’s timeless. The jokes still land. The 3-D is better than most movies these days. Statler & Waldorf animatronically in the balcony. Sam Eagle’s glorious 3 hour salute to all nations but mostly America. Sweetums. Bean Bunny – what a great ending.

2) Peter Pan’s Flight: I marvel at how you could walk onto to this ride, multiple times a day, 25 years ago and now you’re guaranteed a sizable wait… All those parents taking their kids on it… Every families’ favorite.

3) WEDway Peoplemover/Tomorrowland Transit Authority: It just always provides that break you need and the time to breathe in where you are.

4) Splash Mountain: Nearly 20 years old, the third jewel of the triple mountain whammy is still one, if not the best detailed storyline of any WDW attraction. And Brer Bear & Brer Fox have always been two of my favorites.

5) The Walt Disney World Monorail System – Does this count? Of course it does… Do you not get excited when you round the corner after the Grand Floridian and glide into the Magic Kingdom station? Is it still not awesome to pass through the Contemporary (or watch it from above inside)? Is it not fun to sneak a peek at the Luau Cove hidden in the Polynesian? Or where they store the Electrical Water Pageant floats? Or changing at the Transportation & Ticket Center like it’s Jamaica Station in NYC? Or taking that 3 mile journey to EPCOT…?

Honorable Mention: Carousel of Progress – if only because I’m more of a ‘Best Time of Your Life’ guy than ‘Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow’ guy.


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