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How Did Jen Feel When Frank Moved To Florida?

On a recent episode of Theme Park Thursday, we went off on a classic Dillos tangent. Weird, right?

We started to discuss who the favorite child was then vs now and how the Dillo home was affected when Frank first moved to Florida. Jen was in 7th grade and starting at a new school, while Frank was starting his first year at UCF. Not long after, he started working in the entertainment department at Walt Disney World befriending some of your favorite characters.

Here’s Jen’s experience, as heard on the podcast:

Jen: Is it is this a good year for any kid? I was in seventh grade and that’s not a good year for anybody. You’re not at your best looks wise, I’m still at a fairly new school (which went from 7th-12th grade) with grown adults all around me making out on my locker and I have to try to get around them. It was a rough time, friendships were going array, I had braces on, I had oral surgery, there was a lot happening. You were living your best life in Orlando at UCF. Mama Dillo was distraught you were gone. I believe she said after she left she went to the airport, started having some drinks and crying because you left.

I remember finding out about you working in Disney. I was at Nanny Dillo’s. I was upstairs, Mama and Papa Dillo came to pick me up and told Nanny Dillo. I was like whaaaaaat, he’s going to work at Disney?! Here’s the thing, I thought it was very cool. I thought this was all good. I think in our DNA there is potential to have jealousy, but with you and me, there’s never been jealousy. I’ve never been upset or jealous or like ‘I can’t believe he got to do that.’ BUT as a 14 year old going to dinner with your parents, because you have to go to all the dinners with your parents, because you’re 14, and them telling the same stories over and over about you, I’m sure at times, I was like can I go hang out with my friends? Why am I here listening to the story again?

I would cry every time you left or we left you, so thanks for that.

Frank: Did I see that?

Jen: Yes. I will say something nice about you, get ready, because it doesn’t happen often and you’re still old. I recall leaving Orlando and we were at the airport, I think you hugged me. We can count on one hand how many times we’ve hugged, so this is why it stands out. You were hugging me because I was crying. Another time when you were home, I was crying as you were getting read to leave. You weren’t hugging me then, I mean let’s not get crazy with the hugs but you were trying to console me. You were gone and I was left behind an only child for my high school years.

Click here to listen to the full episode as we talk more about growing up as Disney siblings.

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