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“I Miss Disney”

This is probably a term you wouldn’t hear a 31 old woman say and I say it often. But then again it isn’t “typical” to have visited Disney World over 100 times either, so really how can you judge?

When we were young, we would go to Disney 1-2 times a year. Brother Dillo moved to the area for college, which increased the trips to at least 2 times a year. In between visits, I would always get the “itch,” the “shakes,” the withdrawal symptoms of not having been in a while. This is what you would call Disney Spoiled! There are many people who have never been to Disney World or maybe once as kids and here I was going through withdrawal if it had been 6 months.

This addiction has only gotten worse since living there (I moved back up north almost 7 years ago). I feel like the longest I’ve ever gone without being to Disney in my life is a year, and honestly it’s hard for me to guarantee that. Luckily the Powerball is pretty high which may help me do what I want to do and go to Disney whenever the mood strikes (which would be a lot).

Sista Dillo

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