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I Miss the Backstage Studio Tour

You’ve heard us both talk in previous blogs that although we love Disney, there have been decisions made that we wish had not been made. One of those decisions was removing (or I guess technically it’s just changed) the “Backstage” of MGM Studios.

Looking through some old home movies, I was reminded what I missed and realized why I do. The Dillos are big on nostalgia and taking away this tour meant leaving some of my childhood behind.

Along this tour, you were able to see the house facades of The Golden Girls, Empty Nest, Adventures in Wonderland and many others. Residential Street later became decorated with the ‘Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights.’ This opened the door to closer looks at the homes, with a Christmas flare (Christmas is another Dillo favorite). Many weekends of my childhood were spent watching The Golden Girls with my grandmother and cousin. Once Adventures in Wonderland started, I would watch every morning before school with a bowl of fruit loops.

Another highlight of the tour was being able to see the costumes and studio used for the Mickey Mouse Club. This brought TV to life for me. I loved seeing the behind the scenes of the show and had hoped that one day I would sit in the audience to watch. With the series not lasting too long, time ran out. I was still thankful for what I got to see and continue to love hearing inside scoop of movies and TV.

Many rides have been removed from all the parks and hey, MGM even changed it’s name. I don’t agree with many decisions that have been made and yet the love for the parks will never gone away.

Sista Dillo

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