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In Honor of #WineWednesday: An Ode to Fairy Tale Champagne

First discovered at a Food and Wine Festival many years ago, Fairy Tale Champagne has become my favorite adult beverage at Walt Disney World.

I’ve celebrated many events with this delightful treat and sometimes just enjoyed it on my hotel balcony.

As a “stop over” on the way back from our honeymoon, my husband and I stayed at the Boardwalk and enjoyed a bottle on our balcony. During our 1 year anniversary trip, we watched Wishes while drinking a glass (or many) on our Polynesian patio. We’ve also gone to the California Grill to watch Wishes, eat an amazing dessert and enjoy a glass!

Although this was prior to being parents, now that we are, I have discovered a way to still enjoy Fairy Tale. Wait until the kids are asleep, and enjoy a nightcap along with a Disney breeze on your hotel balcony! We did this on the eve of our son turning 1 during his birthday trip!

Did I mention that I love eating Mickey pretzels at the same time?

Sista Dillo

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