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In Memoriam: Stargate Restaurant

On this day in 1994, one of the Dillos must dos – the Stargate Restaurant in Communicore East – closed it’s doors for the final time. Back before there was a Studios or an Animal Kingdom, a day at The Diz consisted of (generally) daytime at the Magic Kingdom and late afternoon/evening at EPCOT Center. On the rare occasion that we started the day in EPCOT and finish in MK, Pinocchio’s Village Haus would be our Stargate – our fast food/burger joint meal. Admittedly, in those last few years before Communicore became Innoventions, Beaches & Cream at the Beach Club supplanted both.

There are few things that have been better than a quiet night in EPCOT, before the original Illuminations (and I don’t mean Laserphonic Fantasy), Future World started turning purple, the serenity of the fountains could be heard off in the distant, the sometimes eerie EPCOT soundtrack looping in the distance. Maybe if you were lucky and the restaurant wasn’t too busy so you didn’t have to hold a table while your parent picked up the food, you would then go over to try and tick off SMRT-1 or build a rollercoaster with that whistling beaver. Either way, the meal would inevitably be cheeseburger (with a fixins bar!), fries, and a Coke.

Oh man, that’s where it was at!

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