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S1E11: Potluck with Monday Morning Monorail (& the Dillos)

This week’s #SwitcherooSkadoo (bibbity boppity boo, kazoo, et al) culminates in a Potluck gathering with the Monday Morning Monorail Podcast team. Justin, Sam, Landon, Jen & Frank each provide a Disney related holiday movie or special for a round table (or a round Zoom call) discussion.

Who will be the most prepared? Who will monologue the longest? And who has a twenty six year old problem with Muppets Christmas Carol? All the delightful holiday goodness that you can handle in a 65 minute time period awaits on this new episode of Theme Park Thursday with @DillosDiz.

Theme composed by Matt Harvey.

‘Good Company’, from the album HoliDay [By The Mummers] available on Bandcamp.

Intro and outro performed by Lindsay Zaroogian.

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