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The 5 Senses of Disney

The smell of the Polynesian lobby, the sound of the fountains in Epcot, the feel of the warm night breeze, the taste of a Beaches and Cream cheeseburger and the sight of fireworks – is Disney’s magical secret just honing in on everyone’s senses?

Alot of my favorite memories and things of Disney are beyond the rides. The music I hear when I enter Epcot now brings me back to when I was going to work. When I eat at a restaurant – I have a story about a previous dining experience, who was there, what was said. Each hotel, theme park, store and ride has a specific smell. I could be thousands of miles away and get a hint of a smell and immediately relate it to something Disney.

Without our senses, even if we only had 1, would Disney be as magical?



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