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The Characters of Wesley Mann

On Thursday April 8, 2021, we were lucky to have character actor extraordinaire Wesley Mann as a guest on the Theme Park Thursday podcast, which you can listen to HERE!

We chatted about the fantastic characters Wesley has played throughout his career, so we thought we would take the opportunity to share some of those here within this blog.

GOLDEN GIRLS, Mother’s Day

We don’t know how many people can say their first television role was opposite sitcom legend Betty White, but about nine minutes in is where you’ll find Wesley.

NIGHT COURT, Yet Another Day in the Life

This clip has it all. Harry Anderson, Markie Post, John Larroquette with high stakes reactions, and Wesley in full physical comedy brilliance.


Based on the Back to the Future 2 line, “I think he took your wallet…”, here’s the line of dialogue sampled as Wesley mentioned on the podcast episode.


Whether he was born great or had greatness thrust upon him, Malvolio from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is a role for the ages. Here’s Wesley in clips from the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival.


Finally, as you can stream on Disney + beginning April 30, 2021, Wesley played The Caterpillar on The Disney Channel’s acclaimed series, Adventures in Wonderland. This short behind the scenes snippet features Disney-MGM studios branded cameras and we live for that logo!

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