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The Rise of GIFs

The following blog was written by Jen aka Sister Dillo aka The Younger One. Spoilers will follow.

If you enjoy Star Wars movies, appreciate them but can’t really contribute to an in depth conversation, then congratulations! You’re not alone! That’s exactly who I am!

Today I saw The Rise of Skywalker. As I mentioned above, I can’t really contribute to an in depth analysis of the movie. I wouldn’t dare try. Instead, I’d like to express my feelings through my favorite form of communication: GIFs.

Let’s begin…

The moment I had the idea for this blog came when this face appeared on screen:

Mr. Snydillo and I responded like this:

Being big L O S T fans, we were pretty excited!

When General Hux announced he was the spy, the ‘About Time’ fan that I am felt like this:

YAY Tim!

But then when General Pryde realized he was the spy and “Tim” meets his fate, this was my reaction:

Poor Tim!

Let’s revisit ‘About Time’ again for a moment. Tim (aka General Hux) did so much for you “Lawyer in Play” (aka General Pryde) and instead of repaying him you did what you did:

Moving on

When Lando says: “There’s more of us Poe,” this GIF flashed in my mind:

I think Rey could be considered for the next season of Ninja Warrior with that awesome climbing she did through The Death Star

I wanted to give Chewy a hug with his reaction to Leia

When Ben comes back, I was all

As we near the end, I realized how much I heart Finn and Poe’s bromance

And I love the friendship of Rey, Finn and Poe

The End

Oh, one post movie realization:

Felicity and Sean got to reunite in the same movie #jjfavorites

I don’t know that you’ll find a better review of this movie. If you do, feel free to @ me. Deuuuuuucccceeeesssss

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