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The World of Tony Robinette

If you listened to our August 13, 2020 podcast episode of Theme Park Thursday with Dillo’s Diz, television and film actor Tony Robinette shared his journey from Hollywood circa 1947 at #AlwaysMGM to present day LA LA Land. Here are some video clip of Tony’s work to enjoy!

Meet Melvin Macheezmo, the role Tony is most fondly remembered as a Citizen of Hollywood at Walt Disney World.

On the podcast, Tony shared a story about this video playing Six Bits at the Hoop Dee Doo Revue!

Here’s Melvin Macheezmo’s farewell skit at the Studios in 2012. This a fantastic sendoff, led by previous TPT guest Louis Gravance, as well as a couple of incarnations of ‘99 Blanks…’

Finally, enjoy this collection of Tony’s TV/Film work!

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