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Those Balcony Feels

I haven’t blogged in awhile and this will be a cheesy one. But good cheesy. True Disney lover cheesy. I’m also writing this as EPCOT Future World BGM plays.

If you listen to Theme Park Thursday, than you know we talk a lot about the “Disney feels.” Those small things on property that just make you feel like you’re on a Disney vacation. Maybe it’s the smells, maybe it’s the music or maybe just being in the parks. We have a lot of them. The Disney breeze, the comfort of a deluxe resort room bed, eating Dole Whip only in the Magic Kingdom (with the Polynesian as an acceptable back up).

Growing up, we were lucky enough to take a trip to Disney twice a year. The first half of my childhood was spent staying at the Polynesian, the other half at the Beach Club, with a few stays at the Boardwalk as well. This is the life I’d love to be living now but back than the Beach Club only cost $99 a night, soooooo things have changed just a bit.

Frank and I have discussed various wishes we made in Disney. One of mine being in the fountain in front of EPCOT. In second grade, I wished that I would have a date to the 6th grade dance.

I know, I know. But hey, it came true! The magic of Disney!

Something else I loved to do was to sit out on the balcony at the end of the night. Sometimes it would be early enough to overhear fireworks. Others you could hear families coming back from the parks. While staying at the Beach Club, that Friendship Boat horn was your BGM. Those nights on the balcony I would think about what my life would be, who I would be and where I would end up. I probably still made wishes and believed they would all come true. I would think that someday I would meet my future husband in Disney. And I did! Of course the road there wasn’t all that smooth, but it eventually happened! I would think of my future children and how I wanted to take them to Disney often and have them grow up with it as their second home, since it was mine. I wondered if maybe I would work in Disney or where I would go to college.

And yes, if you’re trying to keep up, we’re talking about teenage Jen here: A big dreamer, hopeless romantic and believer in magic.

But isn’t that what Disney does to us/for us? It makes us believe that anything and everything is possible. The ones that truly get it know that Disney magic absolutely exists. All those things that give you those Disney feels can become your passion, your drive and set you on an amazing path. I miss those days on the balcony but I love that so many of the dreams I made back then came true.

I know we’re all missing Disney right now. We’re needing to feel those feels. And we will again. In the meantime, keep believing and working to make all of your dreams come true!

Sister Dillo

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