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Tomorrow’s Blog: Free (The S2E47 Postgame)

On the June 11th episode of the Theme Park Thursday podcast, we were so excited to have All New Mickey Mouse Club Member Chasen Hampton to talk about everything from filming at #AlwaysMGM before the Studios opened in 1989 to the 30th Anniversary of The Party!

Because my brain works weird, I compared The Party’s first three albums to a three act story familiar in dramatic storytelling. The debut album was the introduction, ‘In the Meantime, In Between Time’ was the height of the action, and ‘Free’ was the climax – where the players involved are left with a new sense of who they really are.

To get out and fly.’

Chasen talked about the development of ‘Free’ and how working on the album broadened their horizons. #NoSpoilers – give the episode a listen!

I mentioned during the episode that I was working at a Sam Goody when ‘Free’ was released. For those of you who don’t know, Sam Goody was a ‘record store’ that sold compact discs, cassettes, and videos.

It was a different time.

The album was released August 25, 1992, a week before I started college. I referenced (more than I would have liked) playing baseball throughout high school (it was my only way to get back on point I think lol) and that playing ball was the main reason I was going to college.

But, I knew that it was time to move on from playing baseball.

Trying to live my life this way, it’s hard to get excited.’

‘Free’ became an anthem of sorts for me during the Fall of 1992, as I finally was able to move away from the sport that I felt was all I really knew, into a new college, and into a new school where I could take some theatre classes.

That choice led to me having a new sense of who I really was. And I felt Free.

To do whatever I want to.’

Thanks for reading – Frank

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