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Top Ten Favorite Characters

A couple of weeks back, guests of the Magic Kingdom were treated to Character visitations from those that you don’t get to see out and about on a regular basis. Sometimes I wonder if it’s due to a lack of interest, sometimes I think it’s because these are Characters you don’t have to set up a queue for so they don’t come out at all.

Regardless, seeing footage of the Big Bad Wolf, Scrooge McDuck, and denizens of the Sherwood Forest got me thinking what were my all time favorite Characters to see out in the Disney Parks. As you might assess from this blog, the Characters have a personal connection to me spanning a couple of years. This Top Ten is based on not only personal choice, but also how the character looks and…well… how good they are when they behave accordingly.

And speaking of interaction, we want to know your favorites too – so send us a comment or a tweet!

Come on everybody, here we go – off to Brother Dillo’s Top Ten Favorite Characters:

Note: Prince & Princesses not included

10) Buzz Lightyear: I’m more in tune with being the favorite deputy, but Buzz just looks good when you see him out in the park. Each part of his Space Ranger body is so well crafted and sculpted. If you’ve ever seen him in the ‘some assembly required’ phase, you know there are challenges, but you can’t deny the craftsmanship.

9) Tigger: the orange and black is where it’s at. The curling tail (which he can get in trouble bouncing on it for…) and the spring in his step is what makes ‘the only one’ so dang lovable. I once saw Tigger bounce so high, that by the time I got to Fantasyland from Main Street, he had landed… At least I think I saw that.

8) Goofy: Of the ‘Classics’ (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Chip ‘n’ Dale), The Goof is the one that makes the list. The shoes, the vest, the patches, the hat. It always looks awesome  and pictures will always look sharp… as long as he doesn’t have his head in the clouds. (Bonus Points for Santa Goofy).

7) Jafar: my favorite of the 90’s Disney Villains (Ratcliffe, Frollo). Those long pointy fingers… And if he has the serpent staff with him – most intimidating.

6) Brer Bear: We saw Brer Fox out a lot back in the day, but Brer Bear was a rarity (though  Brer Rabbit was even more rare). I especially got a kick out of when he was carrying his club – or maybe I’m just a sucker for Characters with props (see also: Foulfellow).

5) Green Army Man (aka GAM): This makes it so high on the list due to its versatility. These characters look great, can multiply to the dozens, and can adapt to anywhere in the Studios (except probably Star Tours where they would be camouflage). Have you ever seen two members of the Barrel of Monkeys chicken fight on the shoulders of Green Army Men at the entrance to a theme park? I have – 12/26/96.

4) Rafiki: You know when you write a blog and you don’t realize there’s a subterranean theme running through it? Here, it’s Characters with props. Honestly though, Rafiki can communicate the sage that he is in ‘The Lion King’ with a turn, a step, a tilted head – it’s pretty awesome.

3) The Cast of ‘The Incredibles’: The only characters on this list I have not had personal interaction with. They just look fantastic. It’s as simple as that.

2) Captain Hook: ‘Everybody Wants to Be a Pirate’. Hook gets little love in the Captain Jack Sparrow Era, so I’m going to give him some here. The devil is in the details.

1) King Louie: Always fun. Always a party. So unique, with a belly that wiggles like a bowl full of jelly. Give him some good background music and watch him go…

Hmmm, ‘Background Music’… I have some thoughts on that. ‘Til Next Time!

Brother Dillo

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