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We’re All on Summer Vacation

“Got summer fever, can’t pay attention…”

That’s right, I have started this blog with a quote from the one of about half dozen moderate hits from The Party, spawned out of the New Mickey Mouse Club just as NKOTB was on the way out and Beverly Hills 90210 was on the way in…

Have I mentioned I’m the brother in this scenario?

Anyway, this blog is about summer vacations. I notice we’re all on one. We haven’t blogged in a month and the #FF’s have severely reduced since winter.

(yes, this is how I determine that we are all on summer vacation)

This takes me back to the first time we visited Walt Disney World in the summer. It was the early 1990’s and the ‘rents were threatening to take us to Colonial Williamsburg, which we had absolutely no desire to visit. Not that there’s anything wrong with Colonial Williamsburg (says the guy who now works every summer at a renaissance festival), and I’m sure riding the Big Bad Wolf & Lochness Monster roller coasters would have been just fine – but we were eight months removed from our last Diz trip (#firstworldpains) and didn’t have the interwebz to satisfy our jonesing.

Needless to say, I took to my teenagedom and verbally and facially articulated at every opportunity my lack of desire to go to Colonial Williamsburg. Sister Dillo soon followed suit. The term ‘Colonial Williamsburg’ became a trigger word in our household… Which should have been the hint that we weren’t going to Colonial Williamsburg.

When we got to JFK, I ‘accidentally’ walked past the Departures screen to catch a last minute hope that the plane we were heading for actually was destined for Orlando. And it was – I thought – as, given the time of day, a flight to Orlando was in the prepare for departure ballpark. BUT, there was also a flight to Dulles in D.C. a bit thereafter…


Not that there’s anything wrong with Colonial Williamsburg…

To this day, we have never been to Colonial Williamsburg.

– Brother Dillo

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