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1 Stop Shop: 12 Days of Twitter Ohana

Last month, Theme Park Thursday w/ Dillo’s Diz boldly went where we didn’t think possible. For 12 consecutive days, we talked with friends from our Twitter Ohana; bloggers, vloggers, podcasters… all appearing for the first time!

Here’s the complete list with links and Twitter handles. If you didn’t get to listen to all 12 episodes during the busy holiday season, now is your chance!

The 12 Days of @DillosDiz Twitter Ohana… on Theme. Park. Thursday!!!

Day 1: @brandy_and_dave ➡️

Day 2: @erik_niel ➡️

Day 3: @AJ_Aria031729 ➡️

Day 4: @nathanielhardy ➡️

Day 5: @Tombstone_Josh ➡️

Day 6: @CrissyMusicO ➡️

Day 7: @poowpodcast ➡️

Day 8: @dvcduo ➡️

Day 9: @YesThatBrian ➡️

Day 10: @TheMouseAndMore ➡️

Day 11: @DisflicksTidbit ➡️

Day 12: @wdwjedimaster ➡️

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