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If you’re late to the party, the price of Annual Passes increased today at the Walt Disney Resort.

In looking at the prices, I would need to save $13.67 per day between now and the expiration of two AP’s to cover without taking a slippery slope into credit card debt land… what do I do?

What. Do. I. Do?

When you consider that six days of parking (as a non-Resort guest, now $25) and the Memory Maker knocks off about $300 of that cost, it’s still a deal if you can get to the park for the number of days equivalent to the remainder… never mind the additional dining/merchandise discounts in this scenario.

The question remains… will we renew? Can we renew?

What say you?

What are your plans with the AP increase?

What do you do to justify your renewal?

Do you put $13.67 in a glass jar and hope for the best in 4 months?

Comment below or Tweet @DillosDiz!

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