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24 Things I Would Do at One More Disney Day

I’m currently on my way to work via train. But this train doesn’t take me around the Magic Kingdom, which is open for 24 hours today. Instead, a girl can dream and in this dream, here are the 24 things (in no particular order) I would do during the 24 hours at MK:

-Triple (double) Mountain whammy -Haunted Mansion -It’s a Small World -Peter Pan: I normally wouldn’t wait more then 10 minutes for this ride, but since there’s so much time… -Carousel -Philharmagic -Snow White – its closing soon! -Winnie the Pooh -Raceway -People Mover -Buzz Lightyear -Laugh Factory -Pirates of the Caribbean -Jungle Cruise -Hall of Presidents (it’s a special occasion) -Carousel of Progress -Tiki Room -Eat at Pinnochio’s and waive to the Small Ride guests – but I unfortunately would not be having a burger -Visit Sonny Eclipse -Shop at the Emporium -Take a ride around the park on the train -Enjoy some Dole Whip while watching… -The Magic, The Memories and You: prelude to…. -Wishes!

Again, the park is open for 24 hours so once I was done, I would hit repeat!


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