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A Dream Into a WDW ‘Classic’

I had a dream last night that I was in the newly constructed Fantasyland (a Fantasyland that concluded at ‘The Lorax’ interactive attraction… Islands of Adventure FAIL)… We were walking through the gutted Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Presumably, we acknowledged as the gutted Winnie the Pooh attraction, but we’re pointing out where everything was when it was the original ride. It was like going through Space Mountain with the lights on.

This gave me the idea this morning – and I will say outright that I’m sure it’s not an original idea and there are others like it out there. A new WDW theme park. One that does not even have to be all that large in size. One that pays homage to the roots of the happiest place on Earth and the legions of fans who have followed (and not in the Twitter ‘Follow’ way) for 40 years…

Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you Walt Disney World’s latest theme park – WDW CLASSIC

Your first themed area upon entering is Pleasure Island. I know what still exists in Downtown Disney, but in addition to its shops, WDW CLASSIC’s Pleasure Island will include the Comedy Warehouse & the Adventurer’s Club. On Late Night Openings, the second floor of the shops would house the dance clubs Mannequins & the Rock & Roll Beach Club. Every Night, preceding the Sorcery in the Sky fireworks would be a New Year’s Eve like countdown.

There would be no Castle, no Spaceship Earth, no Chinese Theatre (sorry Sorcerer Mickey’s Hat), no Tree of Life. When you got to the end of the road of Pleasure Island, the centerpiece of WDW Classic would be a series of giant high def screens, not unlike the ones now bookending Times Square. These screens will represent your Journey Into Imagination. Figment would be the centerpiece of this park.

When you enter Yesterday’s Future, you will be greeted with the shapes of EPCOT attractions gone by: Horizons, World of Motion. Communicore’s interactive exhibits would pass the time for the kids while you wait on line at the fast food restaurant locations (Stargate anyone?). Also, some of Tomorrowland’s classics: If You Had Wings, Mission to Mars, Alien Encounter.  The biggest of WDW Classic’s stage shows would be a circus that takes place above the walkway’s of Yesterday’s Future. Background music will play the classics such as ‘Tomorrow’s Child’, ‘It’s Fun to Be Free’, the better of the two Carousel of Progress themes “Now Is The Time’, and the Sherman Brothers ‘One Little Spark’.

Rather than heading back to the hotel pool in the afternoon, WDW CLASSIC would feature WDW’s first ever water park within one of their main theme parks… River Country. This time all the fun old time swimming hole attractions are chlorinated for your total enjoyment. A state of the art interactive locker room facility makes the transition from park clothes to swimwear a comfortable one.

Roger Rabbit’s Toontown never came to fruition at the Disney-MGM (not Hollywood Studios, but here it houses days Magic Kingdom classics from days of yore: Mr. Toad’s, Snow White’s Scary Adventures as well as one of the few new attractions, a simulated ride through the high octane antics of Baby Herman’s carriage… The ride dumps into the Maroon Studios where you will find Superstar Television, the Soundstage Restaurant, the Golden Girls home, and the Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Attraction.

The daily parade is the Toy Story Parade – best parade ever.

These are just some of the early stirrings based on one dream last night. What would be your WDW CLASSIC?


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