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A First Do for a Dillo

Going around the countries used to be a threat from the top Dillo himself, our dad. He would say “wanna walk around the countries?” as it was raining outside. This caused Epcot and the countries to be jaded. I did not enjoy it like I do today. Now it’s one of my favorite things to do and I find myself ending up at Epcot more often then other parks. Maybe it’s all the restaurants? The alcohol? Or maybe I’m just old now….

That can’t be it…moving on…

Years back when I was working in Epcot, specifically Innoventions, I remember when Segway Central had walls up hiding the

pixie dust. It was then I first went on a segway. I remember it being pretty unstable and being surprised how many people just flew around on them as if it was nothing. Fast forward to last month when I finally visited Segway Central as a guest.

The Castmembers explain the technical aspects of riding a segway, complete with a presentation. Next, you get on a segway that will be yours for the next two hours. During this time you and your segway become friends by learning to balance, turn, go up and down hills and around cones. 1 hour down and BAM you are ready to go out and about! Not so unstable after all.

Around the world you go on the Segway Tour. I don’t want to give anything specific away. I will say Innoventions Castmembers and Guest Relations Castmembers guide you around the countries creating obstacle courses in Japanese gardens, around Italian columns and give you tidbits about each Disney country along the way. The weather that day happened to be perfect and I had a great time. This proves that Disney can make cool/fun additions to the parks for adults…unlike taking things away like Pleasure Island.

But that’s a whole other story.

A First Do for a Dillo, a Must Do for You!


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